Bags Unlimited has been in the Collection Protection business since 1976. We are the forerunners in the Collection Protection business and are the #1 choice of collectors for storage, display, and shipping products for their collectibles.

Our catalog is conveniently categorized into "Collection Centers." Each Collection Center offers a complete line of storage media to accommodate your every collection protection need. Whether you collect CDs or DVDs; LP, 45 or 78 rpm records; audio or VHS cassettes; comics, books, newspapers or magazines; postcards, photos or posters; or just need shipping boxes or general purpose bags, you will find a "Center" dedicated to that product line. We also have centers for matting and shrink wrapping, packaging & display, and Mylar sleeves with acid-free backings in corresponding sizes.

We are a mail order company located in Rochester, New York, but we ship our products throughout the world. Long before the Internet became a source for people to order products, we were advertising in trade papers, sending our catalog all over the country, and shipping customers our unique product line. The Internet has enhanced our ability to do what we do best... ship collection protection products to multitudes of people - in excellent condition - in a timely fashion.