Archival Polyester (Mylar D is a trademarked polyester material that is no longer manufactured by DuPont). Polyester is an inert material of the highest purity and clarity. Our polyester film is approved by The Library of Congress for the indefinite-term care of paper products (hundreds of years). Polyester (Mylar) will not discolor, damage or adhere to items placed inside it. It is a sturdy film that will give extra support to fragile documents. We use DuPont inert Melinex® or a suitable equivalent.

We offer polyester in the following configurations:
Sleeves 2 mil and 4 mil
L-Sleeves - 4 mil
Sheets - 2 and 4 mil

Conservation Grade Super Acid-free Backings - Our 0.40 point thick board is off-white, 100% alpha-cellulose board and buffered with calcium carbonate, which keeps the board from breaking down (indefinitely). It is acid-free (alkaline pH 8.0-9.0), lignin-free, contaminant-free. Suitable for conservation. Our material meets the Library of Congress Archival Standards. Acid-free board can trap migrating acids in paper and neutralize it. A buffered board can stop migrating acids from entering an object and therefore prevent damage.

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Polyester (Mylar) Sleeves

Backings for Polyester Sleeves

Polyester L-Sleeves


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