Our Polyolefin Shrink Wrap FILM is archival, super clear and high gloss. The film rolls are centerfold .60 gauge film. It is strong, fast sealing and fast shrinking. It has superior qualities to most shrink films because it has no PVC in it. PVC can leach onto your shrink wrapped products and stain them. It has approximately 10% shrink. It is recyclable. Film width for your project can be equal to or smaller than the arm length of your shrink machine.

Our pre-sized 75-gauge SHRINK WRAP BAGS make shrink wrapping your products quick and easy. Made from archival high-gloss, high-clarity polyolefin. Bags have uniform strength and fast shrink time.
Just insert item, heat seal open edge and shrink with heat gun. No shrink machine needed! Allow for 10% shrink when choosing bag size for your project.
Shrink Bags 6-5/8 x 10".
75 gauge acid-free Polyolefin.
Use for Double CD Cases.
Shrink Bags 6-5/8 x 10"
Use for Double CD Cases

Made from 75 gauge archival Polyolefin.
Allow for 10% shrink when choosing the size for your project.

Base SKU: bsw710

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